No Quarters But Degrees

Fingers and thumbs pinball masters
a machine from the past…
athletes in the streets stadiums coliseum
museum pieces from the change in game

Fingers lose their grip and the opposing digit tilts
thumbs up up and a way digital gaming came
so it went
from, “Got a quarter man for this machine?”
from quarterback high school hoops field of dreams
a flashback to flashdrives
jock to geek freaks freaking out
out of sight players play on grass now players play before a screen
Red Bull sponsors target eyes screaming “God of War” “Mortal Kombat”
bots and bots sharing thoughts
intern...nets hoops and hollers e-athletes on attack

teams tuition commercial interest
college loans cosplay SuperData
fast switch to Twitch no quarters but key...strokes degrees

Game developer new real estate one and twos those and you
better worst just a course in change
players don’t need no t.v. YouTuber and you’re globally seen
comfort seats not to watch but play
good or bad what’s it like…outside smog fog of war wifi in the air

Out of breath
take a chair what can you see from there
isolation change in nature
drones hives take your seat
it’s about to start
ignition keys what you see


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