Pricks Your Inquisition

Fake news is nothing new
from Geronimo as the “Worst of the Worst” to WMD’s and Iraqi’s
to the “Bad Guys” at Gitmo fake news
is being used to shut down other views

The whitewash from the White House
is a tide from sea to sea
not a new wave but a Manifest Destiny Tsunami swallowing we
consuming freedom and liberty for a global imperial creed

Fake news fake forensics
fake videos in the news that can look like you
facial imaging algorithm’s avatar icons photoreal in real time
your inquisition witches women blacks hispanics you
me…dia day los HeorHeresy
sick and dire we under surveillance means question the analytics
tool marks, bite marks, tire, tracks, fingerprints infallible follicles
“Pattern Matching”
inventions for persecutions prosecution for war and we

How can we not see
the DNA lasting methodologies
of kings and queens monarchies oligarchies plutocracies
dynasties empires tyrannies
bloodlines bloodletting laboratories storied sciences enter you

casings and casings cases and cases evidence to free or feed
DARPA…papa to Big Brother through data…bases for
invasions overseas and home
invasions with no oversight for overseers see White House rules
by decree and by degrees Mission Creep
into your home infrared then into your blood

forensic prison industrial war making machinery
evidentiary disease
exonerate yourself from the Man…
…datory vaccines or any other prick needling scene

Don’t give your urine
be the avatar that you are
descending onto the land as man…ifestation of free