Storm Troupers

The storming of the Bastille then a women’s March for Bread
threads of the past if only we had woven the word women
into our Declaration so our flag would’ve flown fully raised not half mast
Mary Wollstonecraft’s “A Vindication of the Rights of Women”
Abigail Adams’ letters to John
left unattached at the dawning of U. S., France and Enlightenment

foiled by our Founding men it roiled and roiled into a gale
Stormy women’s nights boil over and over brought into current light
the lives of Tempest Storm and Stormy Daniels
brave women to powerful men that shout out should have been heard
with the shot heard ‘round the world

Whether then whether now wanderings to weather themed sex dreams
of presidents and power filled men
has precedence from the Ivory Towers to Camelot to Trump Towers
JFK’s at the Mayflower Hotel is not a pilgrim’s progress
but a progression of stars in porn and screen a “Tempest Storm”
whirls into a “Project Moon Dust” a Marilyn Monroe lust wiretapping then zap
dead and her “interstellar story” never told

Cover-ups and down comes a cover story spanking
President and a Stormy Daniels tempest in a teapot or a lot more
defamation of a nation with its trousers down wealth on parade
her march isn’t for bread but instills a knead not half baked
raising another side of “#me too”

and a need to rewrite Jefferson’s creed to read
“All [wo]men are created equal”
not just the rich and white he had a black mistress
it’s black and white a women’s right
not to be silenced by her story bought or brought into shame
but recognized as brave to redress
the suits and tie them to the truth
new fixers of our fiction marry us
to a coming light

Whether it’s our lust for war Desert Storm
or the must be heard “Tempest Storm or Stormy Daniels”
herald be the weather’s changing
women give it birth