A New Heeling

The new heeling is a data drop, DNA on birthing day
the stork for the stark
baby seen before baby steps
giant leap for mankind or stampede of the buffaloed need to know

From wondering if it’s to be a she or he
to sonograms pints of paint room pink or blue
then eggs for sale, sperm is too, surrogates, petri dish
a needle pricking make-up before your first date wake-up
from a tap on the rear to a pointed scream screening

Science prophesies on half your genes under…stood
they take a stand they understand wo/man
why were we DNA made not the same
1% of all these genes make the thee of you or me
a new line in science “i-motifs” little if of i
turn on tune in switch off
bad thoughts for a better read DNA
layered with sees of a dynamic
Divine wind
that expresses you as you see seen not conformed
but conformationally free

to be
incarnated reincarnated
are we
a materialist A to Z all that is we a matter of facts unwrapped
sequencing scene of physicalism
are we
a metaphysical idealist unseen thoughts process of our we
a resonating ontological scene

Heorherisee genetics eugenics
“23 and Me” helicopter parenting Achilles Heel Amber Alert
my baby’s genome I must know
gene…y she or he must be read
heel pricking story booked the line-up told to reveal profile file fear
23 and Me will it come to all babies in u.s.
heel pricked tick blood sucking us into a time clock machinery
tick talk of what I will become

First it was the swab of suspect in arrest
attest to this swaddling day heeling
the paleface reading
of our proceedings if it succeeds
began at our beginning and it is the end
of us