It’s a truth it’s a lie it’s a fake
do a double take it’s a “Deepfake”
is it you is it them is it u.s.
digital video technology to control
sets sell

Deep State
facial mapping and A.I. and it ain’t for you
invading framing frauding same old rule…ers
colonialism to terrorism feudalism to corporatism
new tools same measures too

fool you
fake to the right fake to the left fake video fake audio fake you
same old game same old call we all fall
into the kingdom war comes for banks

give up your…on, gave up your urine
give us your face…booked in…voluntary compulsive service
you’re in a corporate fascist state
stop the hacks send us your facial facts
the Russians are coming the Russians are coming
become the algorithm so fine tuned find the search engine is you

Send us
urine for work spittle a little photos promos video voice
these are deep seeks omnipresence for onmipotentates
deep creeps
don’t need a Big Brother or his DARPA…pa
it has you

Get Smart
smart schools smart meters smart bombs
Trump may not be your Uncle Same but his Uncle John
knew his precision bombing his “Death Rays”
and had his way in the NDRC
into Tesla and High Voltage success

Ignorance is bliss
let’s face this is the new recognization nation
your data server is you
in store in airport checkpoints baby at school
stand up sit down anathema for you
policing over teaching
oh say did you see the 2nd coming of We
data delivery futures