….tics off the Constitution

The worst of the worst used as ad…
to invade and raid from sovereignty to privacy
First use
from Geronimo
“Bad Indian” for not giving U.S. his lands
to Saddam
“Bad Guy” for not giving U.S. his oil
the worst of the worst so well rehearsed
the crack in the Liberty Bell now rings with Search First

Hacienda Healthcare Center Phoenix
nexus to
what could be worst then a woman in a vegetative state
being , … personally invaded
nobody knew till she gave birth pregnant now the dragnet

Fatherhood in the Fatherland
reins to Reich
tools to uproot the Tree of Liberty
worst case scenarios and the swan song for the Fourth…
with warrants male employees at the Center must give their DNA
U.S.A. U.S.A. but is it U.S.?
justification by worst case dismisses probable cause
as a passing clause
climate change in a gathering information age
unseen hands reading letters ACGT digitally tallying
a telling that knows no border or body

or Rose Mc Gowan’s purse it shouldn’t
Search First
her wallet left in Dulles
aptly named airport for the sport of spying
touchdowns to search not return wall… let u.s.
secure traces of cocaine Contra outlines of we
that makes for a much more danger,…U.S.

The worst
ends the First the Fourth and the Bill
means your body politic’s off the Constitution to enter your constitution