That Needle Needs to Find You Shot!

It's the man…
datory vaccine that changes the equation
for the teen and the family scene
California law okays for these in-betweens rights
to birth control abortion HIV maybe measles tetanus polio
ok these are enlightened policies
but it’s the mandatory story of these scenes that change
the meaning of free

the teen she he should have the right to inject
parental neglect to object to a herd mentality
that if you’re the needle in a haystack
that needle needs to find you shot
until the unheard is herd

Diversity of plants lands and people dis…
profits for colonialism to globalism
neo proph-hits from data bases that need invasions of the mind
body genes vaccines
prophets worse case scenarios begin when free thinking ends

from authoritarian regimes used to be protected by diversity
seamlessly now as long as you group think
the Salem pin prick won’t find you a heretic
your branded papers checked off to school you may go
play ball join clubs
what teen doesn’t want to be seen with their peers
without fear
of the unvaxxed attack

soon your diversity won’t be able to get in the university
its elementary high school your job through
manufactured consent
humans manufacture vaccines for pro…fits as to the issue
what’s in it for me…
fetal tissue bovine human kind canine kidneys monkeys
calf serum hmmm hmmm some mouse brain embryos
yo yo no kid needs to know

herd immunity moves you down the chute with a shot full philosophy
pay the man…datory story fee and be free
it’s the shot
herd ‘round the world

 Damn anti-vaxxers
aren’t just here heard in Africa experimental Ebola vaccine fear
heard the scandal in the Philippines Dengue vaccine
Denguevaxia by Sanofi French pharmacy could lead
if not previously with disease to Dengue

Temperatures rising
the sees too W.H.O. are you to oversee
fundamental principles
when it becomes a mandated must
gone religious exemptions gone personal beliefs going patient doctor relationships
in God you cannot trust or in yourself
but in the science of the state
uniformed parents must have con…
formed kids