YesSir CanSir

The malignant growth of the YesSir CanSir of authoritarian capitalism
is lead
by U.S. it’s most aggressive now Trumpian form
a distortion of we through its usual sorting
class race hate
now man…I…infesting a metastasizing of
Rich and Strong

the so-called Great Powers fascistic make-up
paint their faces with democracy and demagoguery
into the latest face-off
U.S.S. trolling dolls for layers of provocation
Russia China Russia China Russia

so many foes but for State Department planner
Kiron Skinner it isn’t Iran
this arms race has a new face
“This is the first time that we will have a Great Power composition that isn’t

neo-imperialist forgets the Empire of the Sun
Japanese or Comanche
Trumpetitors of war tweets not of the birds and the bees
or the me’s
but of power and greed

labeling ene…mies
“Zeroes fools gangsters mafia bosses crazy retards and drunkards”
language was Hitler’s pre-tweeting
speaking Nazi

not seeing is repeating
it’s happening here


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