It Hasn’t Left

Love it or leave it hasn’t left
was right with us from the founding
left reds blacks women and the poor
this lore
spells u.s. with illusion and delusion
this year
Trump ups these charges with more
of the same old same old

from the white right we’re Trump..ed up
with a pouty whine and a Mussolini-smirking happy face
“Why don’t they go back… if you’re not happy… you can leave right now”
oh say can’t you see
men women fascism and militarism
him’s of our history modus operandi lives again
trailing tears following fears from the right White

cards dealt from a deck of broken treaties
from the Indians to the Iranians
these colors do run away from our given word
from the plains to Paris Agreements to aggression
from Versailles to WWII and the Reds again

“Love it or leave it” echos from past acts of presidential attacks
echo of Vietnam now heard to herd aimed at members in the chambers
of Congress
in dissonance to our 1st Amendment a shouting down on our dissidents
from Alien and Sedition Acts to the Espionage Act to Iraq

and now
trolling fears seizing trawlers the bully Bolton bugle blows
into the House of Congress onto the Squad of Four and more to the shores of Iran
love it or leave it is a curse on our 1st a silencer of yesSir now versed
from the top step of a white washed history of

shouts down
to the left below now with sound bite cannons that tweet
for the rich in currency
incendiary slogans ricocheting off our halls stacking our courts to build a wall
hitting our home run by calling it great
this Don putting his stake in our heart marks
anchors of the same a…range…meant
to corral us in a hard core us
not of we
a love it or leave

isn’t us it left us from the beginning for its love