WHO Let the ManDate Your Data

Made in China anti-addictive surveillance system
begins for gamers it’s for the kids but it’s a game changer
Made in China with a little Googlese Project Dragonfly
for personal search engineers
but the real railroading is the rollout of the ultimate tracking tack
Made in China the social credit system an online behavioral score
it’s you’re made
in China

but what makes us from being made the same
First Amendment rights not to be shot for our thoughts
and our organs harvested are
those principles at the heart of our Body Politic our personal beliefs
are being trampled with a herd mentality from a new shot
heard ‘round the world

UK Moonshot has landed it’s a small step for a tech firm
but a giant leap for man…datory arm lifting
your offense
“vaccine hesitancy”
so you see
you will be “Signposted” for anti-vaccination camp
sowing your way for a needle in a hey camper
get on the bandwagon
so you can play and pledge in public school
being free
means arms are meant for pricks in a pharmaceutical hit list

Moonshot CVE (Countering Violent Extremism) orbits with Googled glass goggles
“destructive Communities Online”
a tri…oomph of lumping KKK Isis gangs human trafficking
with tracking anti…vaxxxers!!! For “Relocation Methods”
who draws these lines for online education it’s so camp
it’s absurd it’s insane no it’s W.H.O.’s top ten global threat the…
“Vaccine hesitant”

That’s a big tent
privacy threat hastening the slippery slope to an online doping down
any thought that questions could be a Moonshot to a No Fly List
redirection for re-education to concentration


there are no loopholes we all must jump through
to attention and salute no home school
scientist says kids could still spread the dread
me…asles at a park at a store anywhere a me…asles
everywhere’s a launch pad for
…standardized land

of Schedule One type groupings
like the War on Drugs like the War on Terror like a war on your links
their likes for your thinking
let the Mandate your data to collate a proper order

Made in China Made in the U.S.A. are the chinese and we
products produce on order
assembled in lines not written for we

are free
not man…u…factured not man…ipulated not man…i…cured
into man…nequined clothed in a not seeing herd
we are not made we are to make ourselves
here heard