Pan a Man…acea

The God Pan
the man Pan
it is wrong to push or shove the man Pan
but his is a forceful hymn
a commandment from the church of his doctorate

Dr. Pan sees what he wants for all of us to
his Pan…acea is for all men women and we’re all his children
for he is playing God where no other
religious personal philosophical or parental
may intervene

The Greek God Pan never played his flute in Disneyland
but from these dizzying heights or mountain top
this Dr. Pan shouts down from on high
you must enter vacscene land this flirtation
pans God by playing him
his me…asles our battle cry

Your arms his hymn
God may lay heavenly hands on you unseen
but this needle prick is a demandment seen
commandments delivered by a doctored man is a switch
a solemn witch hunt of wuthering heights

written in doctoral script
from the storied laboratory of solid science to command
forthwith this needle prick is a must to be
the mast head rigging for a vaccination citizen…ship
is ashore from shining sea to a dimming we
a criss-crossing out of thee across the land of free
with shielded claims crusade type aims they invade
anti-vaxxers be afraid
this is a Pan…acea awash in herd immunity and impunity
with a later day dash
“immune amnesia”

(addition 11/01/19)