Industrial Diet


Food, flora, fauna
earth, wind, showers, flowers
international worldwide industrial powers
eating and aging in the industrial era
an eon’s worth of growth, ground down for dollars
spent in a span called the Industrial Age

Learning by osmosis, it’s the industrial way
strung-out cells of knowledge, addicted to dollars from Dow
while the Tao of blue sky turns gray
during a centenarian’s life, century of clear cuts
chop it down, ground it round
it’s the industrial appetite of my age
blinded by what we’re shown
we swallowed, burped, and breathed it
inhaling the promise of progress
through the industrial haze

Learning through osmosis
industrial afterbirth, buried in my brain
animals turned cannibals
umbilical cords, cut then spliced into computer screams

Industrial diet
assembly line food, breaking me down inside and out
feed me a T.V. dinner, dad
even if it’s intravenously
I’ll need to be in front of my T.V.
the industrial diet was sown into me, show by show
remote control me, T.V. guide me
assembly line me, factory farm feed me
“I told you, mom, it better be dead than dyed red”
industrial diet served through the ovaries
and, as you can see, it didn’t mutate me
so, as advertised, I don’t ask why
just how, when to lie
colon cancer, Mad Cow Disease
industrial diet working in me

Divide and devour, it’s coercion cuisine
fast food, mega-bites
no time to wait, it’s never too late
to hate, that old Union song, that’s sung from tree to tree
from you to me of harmony
today we sing in hegemony
so fall in line to be beat, into assembly line meat

Industrial dining, pork and barrel cuisine
dolphin-safe tuna die, labeling a lie
subsidies for milk and meat, mines and mills
“You better pay your bills”
profits for politicians, bellies a burst
industrial diet, best swallow it whole
for appetites lost, prisons well stocked
with walls that reach into Wall Street stocks

Industrial diet, Spring, Summer, and

August, 1997


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