The Lightning That Lives

There is no way you can frame defame

or contain the afterlife “Zapata after Zapata” Zapata is ever lasting
reviving his…story is the art thou we need
look up his deeds his pious sacred creed his steed

Amen to them aflame and unafraid high heels and horse a galloping
from Museo Belles Artes for all of us to re see him
the peasant noble man of Morelos and the moral of his story
now rides again let it never end
“La Revolucion”

is not to be owned by hacendados but by todos humanos
“other revolutions”
remember the man who refused to be king
but lighted the fuse
for a Mexico that needs to rise again as all of u.s. do
Emiliano man imprisoned studied the ways of the landed man
and redistributed the means to be free

Pink hat high heels
be…hooves that the great sombrero of the great man
the shaman with a shambrero that shelters us all
arises from yesterday to say again today
“It’s better to die on your feet then to live on your knees”
is a prayer with a Lightning that lives
when we revive and ride to his will

Viva Zapata!


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