Calabasas What Does It Tell Us

Calabasas what does it tell us

foggy morning helicopter parent on his way to coach
driven parents’ children
crashed in the Santa Monica Mountains
harmonicas in harmony

One of nine was a man of fame and following
an overflowing streaming
of memories memorabilia ability and memorials
adulations and idolatry
the hall the call of fame but what of the dam
the watershed the tears of her the fears of his
the fall from grace the rape case at stake life in prison
Kobe for sexual assault and false imprisonment
rape is not adultery

A trial in time and wealth that overcame
his Colorado Ms. step
a she said he said a player with a high priced and high powered team
he wore a fur coat of another herd to court and his attorney took a cold approach
that took every shot a full court press to steal her innocence
a cover-upping that would change Shield Law for
aggressive tactics to manufacture an out of court

If it had been now he too would have been
not above the rim but as a me too him
just an I-con before his time as an icon
some light should shine to remind the star

That’s not to say he didn’t change
I’m sure she was
becomes a story not even a Post reporter can case source
without censure rape and death threats
aggressiveness to silence is exceptionalism on the rise

In the mourning light in the sadness dew
the sun does shine on what a clouded past can do
mistakes missteps crime and punishment
is a means to clearing a full court healing
hears not the swoosh or the swish but the
the lasting legacy


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