Bats Man and Eating Animals

Panacea for a Pandemic

bats man and eating animals
the virus of us blood letting from a wet market

A consciousness shot heard round the new global reality
begins to see Chardin’s “Noosphere”
not the man made Anthropocene but a means to an
interconnected one
not just to one species but one with all thee’s
birds bees the tallest trees streams the living truth
the heard immunity
“Thou shalt not kill”

In wet markets industrial slaughterhouses
our new home is a through process to a higher view
not just vaccines to the continuation of disease
but a new seen Blue Green feel that
loves Mother Earth

The path-of-generating more of we then we can feed
leads to marketing scenes
the vir…u.s. stimulus is a corona crown in Corporate America’s capital
seen through the looking glass this pandemic
needs a path-a-genesis with a panacea novelty redirecting we

A global see change we breathe
the same air drink the same water we need
the power in people to replant the dream
not just with seeds of me me me
but a seeing through eyes of the great blue green
to a panacea not a pandemic
exploitation to a human tracking panopticon.