Awash in a New Land

“First they came for …” an exercise of religious freedom

then abridging speech and pressing not for the Pearly Gates
or our Bill
but Bill Gates formulations that mass gatherings should have

Our new nation revolutionized the King Done
now we’re flattering a Queen of Imperial Disease for a crowning
kind of speech on Corona disease
to capture the contagion we must contain
what remains of the Ten Amendments and Ten Commandments
listening to the Queen of Invasion of the common…wealth
-Stay at home Social distancing Shelter in place-
if only she and her aristocratic European ancestors
had only taken this tack instead of catching the wind…
fall for attacking enslaving and engraving
a New World in a gold and silver
lying lining five centuries of mass graves
of visible and invisible
crimes of La Corona of colonialism

Now we’re worshipping states
that “Trace together” sing sing singing
the praises of authoritarian nations
Singapore China and its ex island Taiwan
in the name of Wuhan

We’re awash in a new land
ten fingers and ten toes on the shore in the throes of disease
where do we go
we finally stay at home for this “war”
that it’s a war is the first casualty the truth
will we destroy the Constitution to save our constitution

Shouldn’t we just social distance ourselves from wet markets
and the vir…us eating the deceased
let’s shelter the home from invasion be it the State Church
or its data search