It’s Stepping Up

Remember the simple old invasion days

only a few decades away from today
you’re in the land of the free and all they wanted from you
urine your pee check…mate for a Police State
your pen…is drained writ large
it’s an erection of Big Brother a tinkle toy
in the hands of Uncle Sam

Remember the old Military Industrial Complex has flexed
its armaments now ready to inject the militarized medicalrised industraments
of its Gods…Zillions DARPA and BARDA
into U.S.
new apps in the colonizing collapse of the interior nation
vac’s and other attacks can keep track…
authoritarian regimes what are you doing behind the scenes
from animal feet in the snow to cold marks for kids in school
it’s stepping up
the chain of command and control

DNA for arrestees gee the Empire’s vampire blood count is up
organs in play sign up today
send your DNA LAPD NYPD DNC RNC they’re in your genes
pockets full the ABC’s of in security
from sea to sea have we gone coastal

Not over…population
but Social Distancing…
not in wet markets factory farms or schools
not in social…ism for the poverty schism
but in expanding signs of Mission Creep gateway to a social graph
do the math
Standardized Testing
testing testing
No Child Left Behind wow now no citizen left behind
Trail of Tears blankets full of pox
it’s a “war” it’s come here line up open wide I’s closed

You’re in our files now left right left…
right into the march of digital contact tracing infrastructure
Apple on … the tracers desk Google…ing
ring the cracking bell
underneath the COVID leaf we’re now exposed

 Stop and frisk you’re a risk if I want to hire you wire me your
“Immunity Passport”
your papers please
fire on the mountain peek into the prospectus of U.S.
a new discrimination color coded tagging
infections and imperfections
immunity based discriminations

Certificates of anti-bodies force anti-vaxxers beware
you’re in the line-up it’s herd immunity the cattleization
of the human population
it’s Man…datory Management it’s the same old invasion story
occupy and suppress
give them no redress it’s the needle or the dread
no work left on the side of a railroading
the unvaccinated work for bread

You’re in the contagion of the undead
you’re in the ring the bell tolls
zoonotic disease the zombie like ease which we
have been fed the dead

California Law sold interprets your body is theirs
“Isolate inspect disinfect … take possession control …
living or corpse”
the Supreme Court courses from smallpox to school to live you comply
or your livelihood dies
to protect Public Health you must become herd

to protect people’s health the immutable heard
the wealth of the nation must be in its supreme
spirit of ’76 is in the never neverland to protect
your body from poli…tics foreign or domestic
that invade your feeling ways for thou art is age old
by living unsold
body and soul