White Lies Matter

Hijacked from their homes which came first

the protests or the slave ships
egged on by outside agitators Antifa no
know it’s the crackle of simmering fascism
white lies from a White House
Trump…eting bugle calls from the “Trail of Tears”
to George Floyd’s “I can’t breathe”
echoing Eric Garner’s in the land of the …

a President with the machismo of a bullying teen
from the bunker beneath the branch of the highest scene
hunkering from the people in the streets
searching for the Liberty Tree

now protected by “ dogs” and “Omino…us weapons”
the new us’s in tyranny’s oppression
oh say did you hear they are “terrorists” he needing the language of war
“Dominate the street” “Dominate the battle space”
for a mounted military photo op using tear gas and rubber bullets
lets us see a staging bible sermon
bundling Church and State
in a Mussolini type face

This emanation from the lower aeons of an American Dream
with new bills arising to criminalize protest and the rise
into the upper aeons of hope and faith
of an enlightened state fulfilled through our
1st Bill



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