Scofflaws…! Adhere to Prohibition Laws

Scofflaws…! Adhere to the new prohibition laws
Newsom threatens crack down on scofflaws…
so he see u.s. as scoffers at a Man…datory law on the 4th
to scoff at a law on the 4th of July that seizes your security
and place in our cherished 4th
isn’t a New-some scofflaw just a some one not just Right
or Left wing
just a plane above the Man…main story

Trying to see whose coffers are ultimately filled
we’re full of the main media scene and the dis…ease of coffins
but how much of the dyeing is being done
so we see it in the only colors printed in read
and the only channels tuned are in a broad…cast

Scofflaws a lexicon far from Lexington out of Concord
for a newly established amendment brandishing a Mandatory news story
Crowning Corona with 4th Day entry wave flagging a sum of u.s. with
“Strike Teams”

They’re shapeshifting a perspective theirs in the name of disease
and then with ease naming you selfish unsympathetic
tics in a Clockwork orange yellow red
thus fed fear and dread you become the unread on Independence Day
now a new con…chord to be sung in unison
to an interdependence day dependent on wearing what
we’re told

Thus swayed we arrive
in a hive mentality with a Medical Industrial Complex


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