Cover Your Face … It’s the Compassionate State

Oh the needle prick and the witches broom

come sweeping through
a silent Salem which is witch
retractable pin prick rules who is who
wo…men outspoken the Inquisition comes for you
18th Century censoring
retractable needles “Hey you” we’re uncovering a witches brew

21st century continuum
Retractable Tech. Inc. makes me think
is this a new draft of the old hollow shaft
retractable needle so if a pricker didn’t stick no blood
but money for a witch prickers paid by the witches

Vision 2020 for multi-millions of you needing syringes and needles
all paid for by we government subsidies
U.S. companies but manufactured overseas
no Huawei or ZTE no TicTok spyware beware

but a shot in your arm is just a little prick for the bloodline that decides
for revenue barons the Empire is for vampires
the urge for a syringe surge is a needling need
to suppress natural immunity by medical degree immunization
is by decree

So handsome this package it has to be man…dated
even if there are so few of you with
arm bans
to this sort of mass mad mandatory story
you will
cover your face…it’s the compassionate State