Bounties Biden and Stingers

Bounties on U.S. troops in Afghanistan began
in an enhanced interrogation cell
hell is it another “Curveball”
from the distant battlefield that zooms into our viewing room
Russians into our politics

Let’s protect our troops from false flag operations
let’s stay at home and social distant ourselves
from the ashes of insider actions WMD’s Iraqis 9/11 and Saudis
Osama bin Ladin our financier in a deal with the Mujahideen
bounty…fully funding the killing of Russians
border line invaders before we invaded from across the shining sea

Gee we sold a harvesting of Stingers to these Mujadins
was that a bounty or just a mounted shouldering of chilling hostility
now the sting of hypocrisy a crazy back to the future
cold war politics
Pelosi Bushes Clintons Obama Biden bidding for who loves the troops more
more lovers of war send them for more
budgets in the billions the bounty of a military industrial complex

beckons biddable Biden
on alleged Russian bounty so he says it’s a
“Betrayal of all that is sacred.”
a profanation of a nation that began
on the “Trail of Tears” and ran right on into Obama’s Operation “Geronimo”

Betrayal didn’t start with Trump but it continues
on a Capital Hill that binds
Biden to a me too Clarence Thomas that left Anita Hill alone
his gung ho to Iraqi War and droning Obama politics
“Signature Strikes”
betrayal of what is sacred

con…tinuing con…figurings for chaos confusion and the wall
we’re all up against
written into scripts of red herrings under false flags it’s the same

cards in a stacked deck backed by battleships everything is a battlespace
from Tripoli to Lafayette Park tipping points to Taps
tapping out a type cast we dance to presidents
not to the precedent of beings original but to photocopies
Replicans and Demoduties applicable to a currency
stocks in the marketing that banks on the
bounty full shores of the River




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