Vio…lations Playing Out as Plague

What is behind this masking … man

warning shot before the bow
across the street across the seas on the shore in the store
mask of man
siren song

hear the call cover the mouth see no evil
to what you’ve bought or brought about
and besides your eyes are wide not blind
but sown as woven its compassion and not lastin’
just don’t ask the forests beings rivers streams or seas
so lead it’s said

you choose your mask red white or blue thank you
but will the vaccine till the toll to tilt
a pin to prick
the scales to weigh
to where the job at hand will
know to to touch no wo…man in the land unvaxxed

pro-vaxx fascination Proclamation calculation
the herd holds
no impunity from joblessness homelessness poverty or invasion or privacy

this shot
heard round the world is a second coming
scenes of invasion and remedies
Paul Revere rode of land and sea remedy to British royalty
Dr. Fauci rides germ theory of disease and the paradigm of vaccine remedy
Operation Warp Speed put my vaccine
up my sleeve

but what of we invading land and sea
disturbing and distributing patho…jinns released human caprice
into overcrowding scenes we can see
strings of relationship vio…lations
playing out as plague


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