Before Leaving We Must Arrive

He was in a countdown to leaving…

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1… and
the door opens
and she says…

Don’t know if she fixed his back problems
but it raised in him that thoughts
pass through physical barriers
with a timing so uncanny that it may be
that he can believe
and leave back problems accountable to him
in the past

Congress…men had all of Capital Hill
built on the backs of slaves
then railroad men banking men back room men
war, …men
land and seize countries here and overseas and then…

Along came A.O.C.
Congress…woman with standing on Capitol Hill of men
not ready for their long overdue comeupends
on the steps before the chambers
a representative with friend of his
unload their rude insulting language
with an assuming impunity of so long standing

but she a working woman knows what women all know
this behavior is not unheard of but she with her aura
knows it’s her hour and honor
steps to the floor

in the name of women on the floors of all house…holds
and with zoom focus for all of U.S.
addresses the nation and undresses
the men
who wear the clothes of power
with a suit that ties their lies
that because they have a mother or wife or daughter
that they don’t
abuse women
with slight and language that ends in invasion

these men from founding to present
and opens the doors of Congress
to the shores of all front doors
that the timing is NOW
and before leaving we must arrive at
tolerance for racism sexism and corporate



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