Needled … Freaks

One flu

shot over the whole U.C.
in the name of disease u.c.
flies the feathers of the Chief Medical Officer
no alternative no one you can see can be
not seeing you is this mitigation decree

This is a doctrinal wave signaling a systemic tsunami
trigger warnings sowing a knowing
you can’t see hear or believe other than the overseer
no student shall pass without a hail…
ing degree to this new chief

vac…scenes students keeping students in check
roommates with masks as tasks turnkey openings host the new adults
a viral looking who watches Big Brother is in your room
compassion for not following this ruling Expulsion
flu…idiocy Corona is king and students are min…ions
any other opinions are a heretic’s affliction

one flu pan…damn…it makes another flu shot into you
mandatory in the dormitory
what a story

after all the hurdles to see yourself
at a U.C.
yourself attacked if unvaxxed
WoMan date to inject a needle prick into
your arm
where once was an amendment to this unkind prickers addendum…

…down in higher education indoctrinated you must
do unto others what you’re told to do unto you
from the Star Chambers of Chancellors
first one shot from the chamber till the magic bullets are a fix…
your injection into higher learning comes with a telling tale
University students addicted to Executive Orders have nothing up their sleeves
just a punctured quiver full of needled freaks