Who’s That Knocking…

Mandatory masks

a far deeper attack
man-the-story has its roots in freedom
and its leaves are liberty
mandatory is a root disease
with branches bundled into forms
of fascism

Its wilting will has a new Roman fas…ces…nation
a one with another a Trump-et-Biden
a bumbling binding a tie…ing a we in a not-seeing u.s.
an electorate empty of choice

demockery is dis…ease
it never protected all of we
illegal wars there’s scores of these
there’s splitting atoms nuclear disease radiation vaporization
dirty air dirty water ruined dreams
streaming fundamental environmental catastrophes
fulfilling disaster
for a diseased Capitol
concentrated camps of wealth
small business the business of America is Big Business

Just ask Blackstone Equity they now own your Ancestry
it’s the new DNA of the USA
cannibalism for conglomerates
the United Emirates of American capitalists
consuming consumers for the empire of vampires
um…pired by a Con…gress fed by Wall Street servicing
checks for a balancing act as chauffeurs
for the coffers of a revolving door
they adorn

Who’s that knocking at your door
it’s the man…datory tracker footprints on your steps
now Contact Tracing Tech
takes the man…ual out and puts it in your hand held
you do it to yourself track and trace

Tracing used to be for kids
outlines of what you might come to be
today is for adults filling in where
we were and who we went to see
privacy used to be

Now who’s tracking me from cloud to see
a reign from sea to sea
who’s that man behind the mask tasked
with knowing everywhere and everything a citizen has said
is it
or mandatory to open up your door