Stare to Where

5G yeah we’re led to say ok it’s faster
it’s not magic it’s a mad magician’s trick
a stare to where
you don’t see it’s a meter away how smart is that
it’s a commercial attack
radiation like it’s never been sold
poor old atomic soldiers Manhattan and the projection became
from we to not see

3 Mile Island was a meltdown now the countdown to 5G
only the I lands right next to me so smart I only need one hand
and it reads for me 5
it’s a geographic land mass slide for atomic scale massless graphene
microwave frequencies scaler waves of brain control
from sea to all of we 5 geed

Do you agree to this commercial cheer leading to deceiving
you as a receiver should have your antennae up
whiz kids no kidding we are being micro by micro wave
inundated and drowning in de…formity through A.I. and I.A.
Artificial Intelligence and Intelligence Augmentation
it’s the Alphabet Agencies
NSA CIA FBI a souped up data coup

ahhh it’s a bird it’s plane it’s droplets no it’s aerosols
no it’s just thoughts of fear assassination teams are made of these
“The Men Who Stare at Goats”
know 5G and agree
it’s a super fast food transhumanism delivered to consume you
into a cyborg sandwich of man and machine
you are what you eat in…form…animation needs 5G
it spins so fast you’re heels over head
tip toeing steps taping out the last dance of human

Let’s raise our hue man and with our true aura
shine from sea to sea
and put an end to this metered and measured mind virus
Native Americans saw the seen invasion
and knew it as the unseen Wetiko disease


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