Shot Herd ‘Round the Plague

Niemoller’s cautionary tale informs stories

that begin with a not you not see and slip
then flow over an unexpected

they came masked and properly distanced
then with a mix and fix sure of solution but no Tea Party
with tricks and treats that trace track and test can it vaxx a nation with a First

that portion of your constitution with a potion that reflects
you can object to La Corona the Crown of the kingdom that comes
at Warp Speed is it an alien force
a due course to change us they say they came to save us
in the name of

already afflicted with a Trump is um the worst of the worst Presidents
now comes
a Bid…en with a precedent for a
no choice mandate to vaccinate based on scientists but what of the

First Amendment remembrance then they came for the Haredim’
we’re not one of …
his and hers need barriers
beings pro choice ring to different things
Liberty is cracked but does it cease to ring
when pulled by Certain Science strings

Church bell and State held for all or just some ones
can legislators be vaccinators can you discriminate based on what the heart holds
trumpet if you bake Masterpiece cakes but what if you won’t take
the shot herd ‘round the plague
being pro choice is a women and man’s right not to be
by a Supreme Court stacked to attack Roe v. Wade
the supreme scales and see the Scaler Wave that fish…er…men
are weighed not as to virus but as to the Spirit in

Then they came for the students it was to in flu us
then they came for the anti-vaxxers and their right to work
that didn’t tax us
then they came for another not a bother
then they came for parties and bars restaurants rest in pieces
then they came for a reason that was what I believe in
and that is when there is no then who what where you’ve been
is their ends