Thou Art in Check

Check check check mate

lockdown out of your job
zoom zoom zoom
who needs a classroom
pop art for an apprentice president
staging acts as facts
precedent picks a Biden as the other side
of Covid
whose wife saves him from forgetting his face
it’s the other side of the same coin

Unmasked man vs. masked man beard or clean shaven
body counts from Vietnam to flu and you.s.a.
know what to do it’s the ABC’s and the 123’s
if we all do it it must be true left right step step step
if you don’t know the dead-pandemic numbers
as called out
you need to be checked out

Red and black photo opps we’ve run a lot of these white lies matter
Geronimo knew now we know “The worst of the worst”
has come home to roost
Domino Theory Northwoods WMD’s 911 it’s happening here

Search and destroy hide and seek tracing and tracking
engines in the land where the buffalo roam
now thrive in a hard drive
where did we go

into a mass data processing plant rendering
our holiness for parts filaments in a not so smart dust
data driving us into a transhumanism plot
digital dialing in a grave lot
wearing medical societal surveillance everywhere we go the government wants to know
who we are
know your heart rate but you pulsate to their beat

Fearleading in the free world
all the time is the right time to fill us with
Acts from the book of “Certain Scientist Says”

It’s all just sci…ence say…ance
it’s a five sense reality any other
sent stance is nonsense
so they sow the lie
you live and die don’t ask why
thou art in check



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