Dark Avenues of Revenues

Our wet markets (if not our bio-weapons labs) our abuse of animals

create a need for vaccines
zoonotic diseases creep as we eat and are asleep at the wheel
driving on industrial diets we arrive in a crash course
of IOU in the ICU
we are what we eat full of deceit
for all but we

Sars-Cov-1 should have done the trick now comes the treatment
for Sars-Cov-2 many many more
a big pharmacological dreamscape vaccines for ever more more

Our wet markets and slaughterhouses create a need for vaccines
and we go to the sea
killing sharks for their squalene
we need to be anti-bodies to the antigen that we have become
to our very own Mother

we need to come to attention and be her adjuvant
not the “Destroyer of Worlds” as Oppenheimer
our mad Manhattan Project scientist said
scientists of his breed of nuclear physics if Iranian are assassinated
scientists of enhanced immunology target another other
terrorizing sharks
for enhanced interrogation of their

Where is our natural reactogenicity to this
animal human insanity
we may end up with a lone shark but our own
sharks will be selling shares in vaccines
while the behind the seen of vaccines will be a fish story
of biblical proportions
predator we in the name of the god
Neptune we’re in the hunt for your squalene
and the great equalizer of the sea
is unseen

This sea story runs red and rides the tide of Big Pharma hysteria
on the backs of horseshoe crabs
with a Red Knot shorebird being lost in the greed not need
the Red Knot needs the horseshoe’s eggs now not being laid
they’re being drained in a darkness with a needle to the heart a bloodletting

Vaccine vampires without umpires for their empires need the crab
so valuable to our life but in its own scene value less
they grab its LAL (limulus amebocyte lysate)
the only natural source for endotoxin tests
that detect bacterial contaminants for
a synthetic alternative rFC is on the scene
a Holy Grail if only Big Pharma would inhale

Behind the seen are we blind footprints in the sand castles
of a marketing blitz that bets its lucky stars
you live in the dark
to their avenues of revenues