Igniting Our Alchemies … Basic Chemistry

“The Immortality Key” opens through “The Doors of Perception”

rising from the “Road to Eleusis”
igniting our alchemies basic chemistry
the artistry that we are spiritually conceived
to see the potion in the portion of life called physicality
that matter and what matters
is life and death are the wings of

from the toes of Pegasus to the wrought wings of the Wright Brothers
and the fright of the Enola Gay
from an ecstatic beginning to a worst case scenario
now a nuclear Phoenix is arising from the ashes of
new war…heads of three billion spent with a Trumpist effort
and bi…partisan support

A booming 50,000 Americans manufacturing in a Pantex during a pandemic
pan…handlers of a dysfunctional nuclear family
to strike first
preparing a vaccination by vaporization for China North Korea Russian and Iran
thus us we can’t run from
bomb shelters for capital and our Capitol under siege
and the elite think they can leave

Elon Musk of monetary might go to Mars but we can’t even take off
face coverings can’t cover-up jet planes bleed toxic cabin fumes
gas! gas! in flight above
below remember “blue ice” but the smoking gun is engine oil seeps
“No Smoking Please” just hope your cabin doesn’t fill full of “blue smoke”
whether taking to the streets or the runway organophosphates are only a
“flume event” away
airlines won’t and don’t track or trace “blue smoke” or “blue ice”
no bleeding heart execs for their bleeding engine seals or trailing waste

Just don’t you cough or sneeze
or believe in tracking tracing navigational conspiracies
passport vaccination

In the midst of the current sedition there’s a precedent for this President
Eugene Debs running to be President but against war wrongfully charged with sedition
received not the Presidency but residency
in prison
Trump running from the election of the next President commits sedition
and rightfully needs to be seized
and see the prison of his deeds

Crimes against the country the air land and sea millions in poverty
vaxxed but untaxed billionaires must be prosecuted and pay
the Musk in the air the Bezos and Gates holding the keys
the revolving doorways on the road to high rise control of perception
marketing Bill…boards of directions fill the sadtale…night sky

they must come down to Earth
pay their fair share
clear the air from the backrooms of
“expression free just vaccine”
over-population pollution nukes animal die…its
human markets in disease
while we cover up we continue to breed

Let’s return the atom to the eve of the dream
framing us in a Constitution
not conned…stituents irradiated industrially farmed commercially flying wingless
glowing in the shadow of
Big Pharma
vaccinated in Citizen’s United to be piecemeals for profiteers













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