A Litmus Must in U.S.


Litmus tests
began in an us land grab of native lands
Europeans descending on Native Americans claiming a racism
for their ascension as superior arriving after leaving fleeing
the absolute rule of monarchies

Lit…must was a beginning u.s.
of white male landowners no blacks or women white or black
were in that class
all Geronimos were attacked and all the tribes that had thrived
for thousands of years
were in a genocide

Litmus tests and loyalty oaths
continue to test the deepest claims of beautiful words exclaimed
Founding Fathers many with slaves
principled words of equality justice liberty and happiness
the precedence in the Spirit of ’76 neglected for centuries
by the elected principals of the governing bodies
sold lost souls serving Congress and Presidents ruled over the bodies
of the governed

Litmus tests led u.s. to arrests and deaths
to voices of dissent from Sun Dancers to abolitionists to Sundown Towns
our country’s shot heard ‘round went Imperial
and anti-war activists made the list
litmus the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the false flag McCarthyist
moving into making of a Hollywood blacklist

This listing of America’s flagship tilted overboard
with the listing of Japanese Americans as possible enemies
during WWII
Pearl Harbor and the strings to a loyalty oath survey
the War Relocation Authority
and the two questions as to which concentration camp you go
Question 27 and 28
“Will you serve?” and “unqualified allegiance”
the Catch 22 and the “no-no’s” of World War Two go to
Tule Lake forsaken for they couldn’t forswear their owned
of who and where they were
in a litmus test of them and U.S.

And now we come to flu and those who refuse
nothing like WWI or II but a SarsCovII
and do you have to have a vaccine in you
to be free in the Land of the Free
purple mountains majesty
do you need a lit must test vaccine likeness lichens in a single
vial acid test to be one of u.s.
blue or red
can you refuse shots it’s not war but it is a shot in your arm

Amendments from our First to our constitution
religions and choice have their coverings
from heads to feats but the religion of
says it shoots for all of you and the litmus is to OBEY
it may be good for some of you but not for everyone
is a U.S.