A Cabinet Outing

According … ing to Biden we’re in another
Fauci’s x-rays on display breathe deep beware be scared the fourth wave
another arms race and it’s yours
and as in all our invasive
the corporate revolving door
swings wide

in his Cabinet is a treasure trove
of vaccine inner interests ingredients
the business of America is Big Business
just add a little ASG and in a Blinken a little Rice
there’s a Lander and it’s Dunn

It’s Trumpian it’s just not as incestuous
speaking of past presidents precedents let’s hope Biden
with a Garland doesn’t leave another wreath to the not done
pulling an Obama Bush cover-up
of Capitol offenses
the recent siege and the past false flag wars and torture

Government entanglements and what it means to be
there was a time where party line politics were of Russia and China
now it’s red and blue
and you’re round into something you’re not
for seeing
not seeing seems to raise the flag
and pull it over


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