So “Brave New World” Newspeak “Vaccination Equals Liberty” L.A. Times Front Page 4/28/21

Who ordered that

oh the centuries 18 19 20 21st century
the standard model
has been visions divisions and invasions
racism militarism and authoritarianism
it’s always been very scary for natives women blacks and browns
from Redcoats in your room to Ottoman’s removed
World War I World War II
who ordered that

and the spread of disease was it policy was it just us or u.s.
wrapping blankets with intent
covering up for a more sinister creed
white male supremacy for a Manifest Destiny
a beginning imperial lust for land gold and the dust where the buffalo roamed
we spread the disease we just seceded from and seeded a pox to succeed
ridding the colonizing crown of Britain and then the riddle of we colonizing
riddling the tribal continent with immigration migration and disease

Into the next century
we forward to a 1905 U. S. Supreme Court decree
Jacobson v. Massachusetts “Reasonable” to inject
a 7-2 all of you must receive a smallpox vaccine
spread sheets of we

Into World War I vac…scenes and the one to end all wars
the Spanish Flu the divvying up of the Ottoman’s for Western European ones
making up Jordan Iraq Kuwait Israel…
and all the more for future wars
chessboard bases pieces put in places
peoples pawned for kingdoms granted power plays for control

So so row row your boats through Persian Seas
U. A. E. Bahrain
part the Red Sea Suez sung to a Westward ho of Hoorah
the saw of centuries
cutting tunes of an enhancing trance
freedom and democracy but behind the scenes
a coming darker vocabulary

Wars deceit words of rights meet midnight
the slippery slope of people’s hopes meet the boots that shoot
shots that spin the revolving doors the ports we call
the Military Industrial Medical
reflection pools our oceans lands and seas see guns ships and jabs
Who ordered that
brink the Pandemic drink
spiked corona crown comes round for another no small shot
this army wears a smock and talks in Doctorates
it herds in the name of war and arms
this Hey!!!
stack has a needle that finds all reasons and religions and rejects them
refining the ruling of injection from the precedent in Massachu…setts
court casualties of this war’s religion Scientism
the 1st and 14th Amendments amended
the addendum a writ script prescription that hums its hymn
all in your constitution

“Who ordered that”
is the question of the Standard Model
what’s holding the empty space of matter is what matters
what’s the force that ultimately makes us what’s that part…icle
physicists hate to say “God Particle” that’s an article of faith
but they can’t explain it not in a Standard Model any way
that atom that moves through us has a mu…on
let’s hope we can move on in a unifying humanizing kind divining
wave of liberty
not ordering us knowing
a standard model doesn’t fit