A Fourth Herd on Nudgement Day

We’ve seen these scenes before

we knew
there were slogans and mine games
Man-ipulations date to the way back
sex race and sacred states
remember when the Snow was White hi ho hi ho and off to work we go
behold A.I. A.I. and off to work on us they go

From a textbook “Nudge…” a behavioral science
from psyops to behavioral insight teams from Vietnam and dominoes
to higher tumbling towers for power 9/11 and the bearded skyscraper scapegoat
the WMD’s you never see

to nudge units
fudge the facts nudge the judge…meant for you to believe
behavioral econ…omics is a science you buy it
it’s a behavioral Military Industrial Medical Complex
“Get a shot and have a beer” chase the fear
the invasion home coming is here

“An All-American summer” “A summer of freedom”
a fourth of July
“of get-togethers”
with a shot heard ‘round the world
of in-dependence to the herd

Chattel up to the bar of stars
and stripes for those in another line-up
DARPA alert DARPA alert behavioral in…sight
teams with a SocialSim Sarcasm Detector
you need to stand on your knees there’s misinformation disease
the Iron Curtain had an iron fist
we just need to read behind the lines of your free speech
no irony

We must grasp this cast of sarcasm so there is no chasm we can’t handle
with A.I…telligence the veil is elegance
draped in the cape of Uncle Sam SocialSim detection
as protection of the sacredness of sarcasm…

Trust U.S.
God Bless America’s Liberty and Justice
its independence is for all
“Get a shot and have a beer”