Forty Cattle Make a Run

herd immunity is no protection
for anti-mandate vaxxers or buffalo that once roamed
for the cattleization has become our nation
herded into lines to be shot

stampedes into the news
cows escape from Manning Beef
a slaughter house is not a home
on any range
home home … to escape forty cattle make a run
an open gate…way on Pico Rivera to get a peek
into industrial rendering
of the meek

seeking relief one charged and shot by the sheriff
R.I.P. and one still on the run
run cattle run and the precipice of eating flesh
it’s after sunset sirens flashing
hell…icopters guns lassos and mounted pollice
the divide horses used animals abused

Humans endangered not by cows on the run but how
this story runs over the cliff of indifference
this rounding up should become a herd heard ‘round the world
we don’t need to shoot or a shot we need to adhere to the
freedom sought
the chorus the core us is not to be corralled
free to be
that’s heard immunity