Pandemic’s Rise


As we scale this pandemic’s rise
to divide
the scales of justice have a fingering tip on them
for a certain justU.S.
in condemnation and overzealous determination to disenfranchise
and discriminate
against those that choose choice

Choice once was the joist holding up a body’s right
for a woman or a man or a child
building a home for body and soul
that know they don’t want the Castled State to mandate
inner…jections of unmeasured rule
certainly not a jab made in a lab

The origin of u.s. is said to be from the Liberty Tree
the origin of this vir…us is unknown
but its root into our arm has no seeming armistice
this is the U.S. way of war policy from settler colonists
to settling the corona invasion
shots and an unconditional surrender

for this war isn’t on drugs but for them
and those that refuse are cannon fodder
for second class citizenship
all aboard or nothing at all

2nd class shipmates
are not new for once only white landowning men
made decisions for you
reservations for natives plantations for slaves as collateral for debt owing
Founding Fathers
free “Blackmen” knew second class citizenship was full of holes
sinking you in a mobility flotilla a brinkmanship banishing
you from the banks of ways and means

of being
free but can’t “Pass” to the portals to see
from sea to shining sea
transportation ships wagons trains now planes
it’s plain men and women not dated
to the man…dated
don’t want to take sides we just want to decide
in the free marketplace what lies

discrimination moves to your arm
surveillance by skin was never blind now it has a side arm
another red line dead end
used to contain you

surveillance today
has a needle the needle in the haystack is now in your home
its docking port
is an arm’s-length surrender rendering you Passport fit
citizen gamesmanship

“Your papers please”
controlling contours have been navigating around the world
from Magellan to wild stallions riding us from free to corrals
sung by hims and hers
that used their might to rein in rights
raising arms in hail and salute is a dis…arming of you
dividing and discriminating the roots are the same
if its fruition leaves you out
it’s not apples and oranges it’s degrees and it means

from Racist to Supreme Court decrees
from Plessy v. Ferguson
mandated separation for blacks now the unvaxxed
from Lone Wolf v. Hitchcock and broken treaties
to National Emergency Korematsu v. United States
Japanese to camp now National Disease vaccine to pass
decisions division from the indigenous
 to citizen black citizen japanese citizen unvaxxed

it’s not the Liberty Tree
if it’s your branch that is sapped of its vitality
for not tap dancing to the vacci…nation trained tracking
a railroading recording roaring for a Medical Industrial assembly line
a roll up your sleeve upping the coercion to convince
lotterying you with bait to switch you into ManMade in the U.S.A.
messenger RNA shot or shoot we’ll mandate
it into you

travel bans masks shots asked
for the pursuit of public and private enter…prizes
job or joblessness
when the FDA approves the emergency becomes existential
and the exculpatory stories of the unvaxxed
may see their 1st 4th and 5th Rights
plucked from the tree
for a currency of dis…ease