Happy Hollowscene


We the people born or brought or by circumstances
birthed in structural inequities raised in injustices
of race or place or impoverishments

wore a mask to enter a bank to cover the face
to take
part in a society to eat or meet
their needs and not to be recognized
for crimes designed by those of we the power
to divide

we find another mined field for…
we the people not now re-designed by a hive mind
are caught in a sting stung by a surging needle
with a compass spanning a global spin magnetized
by a pole star fishing for minions pointing you
out out
the door to stores restaurants games jobs
a robbery so wrong you’re wrung out squeezed to your knees
for showing your face

a polarization of ways to concentrate control
we should have known … imagine that! A new date with an old crown
it’s not a monarchy but the same old overarching
Archon Con
fear so dark and dear to them they spread it in the air…
waves of arrogance in an aerosol conspiracy

so big it lies…not sea to sea but oceans complete
an elitist Cabal that calls in its governments
for a cover-up that covers your face
so every breath you take
is taken through a WHO tasked you not to ask
just wear a mask

when you can look yourself in the face
no body has taken your place
when you can tell whose in line it’s no line-up
when you can’t tell who’s next to you
you’re next to be asked to leave
for you’re seen
to be not to be

You used to wear a mask to rob a bank
now you wear one to enter one
now there are no ones
just masks doing as their asked
following not the rules but the rulers
measurements not as man proportioned but man as a portion

a she and he sheheple
herded and branded by a prick into an armed
inquisitional surrender to be rendered
fitted for a technocracy as a biological robotic tick
talking attachment to an arrangement not of divine manifestation
but of a messenger jab made man to land
in a servitude to a yesir cannicabalism

they as your savior server
you as food fueled in fear as every animal knows for sure
you’re a trick and a treat for a gobbling googling ghoul
eating up your inner life beliefs for tastes preferences and face…

at a restaurant today no wait…tress or wait…
…er less workers work for them
order on your phone pay on your phone
it’s a cover-up for a toll call and its ring is hand held
with an impunity for the server savior but for you
another sound bite taken out to your