You Who

W.S.U. … you who

on a walk on the campus University
where you were once an innocent fresh…man
now retracing steps as an innocent alumni
you arrive fresh in the Fall no snow
but long hair and longer beard
in a season darkened with fright
it’s almost Halloween but this scene is about Might not of Right
but of who you might be
in the new ordered scheme

Alumni on a walk
Suspicious by existence and the Surveillance
is about to take
your name place and soon it seems the needling questioning
already part of a student’s curriculum
imparted as an unholy part of personal representation

Be it clear…cut…be it clean…cut
you can see the forecast the storyboard for you
if you are the thee’s
not shaved and shaped to behave
in the field of who do as they are told
in inhaling the must in the air
a you musk sent
marking a terror…tory of a chilling tap…estry

then from behind a shouldering comes in front of me
the weight of armed masks uniformly asking
“Excuse me sir”
then a questioning
they have an anonymous tip…istry
a corrosive form of invasiveness
not an I to I but an aye aye watchful one Big Eye

The anonymous Tapping Tipistry Ministry
saw you as suspicious
long hair bearded eyes and ears
“we heard”
someone looking looking like you was looking
in the women’s library bathroom
insidious booking lie by design

we girlfriend and me walking alumni and the see saw
the Surveillance State Police textbook reading reference for an
un…qualified profiling

of the data dealing covers we
masks cover sheet spreading the cover-up of fascism
with fear
they isolate and interrogate they track and trace

It’s no mistake they mistook me
for suspicion
is the cornerstone for the foundation
of an inoculated re-educated United States a vaccsin…nation

A new beginning…
a wee built to not see
eyes on the screen … I see… ears they can hear you now
your scream covered up
the personal invasion has made us a…lone
home home on a range a…fraid
to be

In a see…we once knew
now knows
no help for the forest trees and thee fall and the…
sound is an echo
a whispering we scene from the spoke of speech and wheel of free
now turns in the plane of herded and encircled
but if we listen we can be a gnostic knowing breeze
on a high way to our universal degree