Scientism Has Its Baptism

Scientism has its baptism

and it’s only an arm’s length from your brain
wave the flag pledge allegiance
subject submit to this jab it has
a point it’s just a little prick it injects
a messenger RNA Scientology was yesterday
but it’s also about your biology
it’s not science in its certainty certainly it’s not Divine

This science’s baptisms
have their baptistries in histories of storied laboratories
they don’t speak of hymns or sing from hymnals
but they have their hims and hers they have their smocks and gowns
stethoscopes and microscopes
they anoint in consecrations through a needle
holy hope they have the Pope
once there was the needle and the dope

Just believe in this ruling scene
it circumnavigates the globe it’s on a roll
up your sleeve
there’s nowhere and nothing to hide and the ban plays on
it’s a for your protection scheme
there’s nothing behind the screening or tracking or tracing
it’s just an outline
a rendering rendezvous for a future human design

There’s skin in this game and it’s not only yours
be assured
there’s a Bill and its Gates to a robotic
technocratic State

It’s a baptism
a brand new ism it doesn’t need a river
to the sea it immerses you in a medium of media that sees
you live streaming
a continuing programming repeating
man…tra mandatory dates to a junta like
a coup-de-tat for a Global Medical Industrial Complex

a retreat
into a streaming Scientism nightmare a fear full of laboratories
storying a Sing Sing imprisonment for a dunking sacrament
to annul your choice
this needle has found its hay day
and the harvest is a vacuous vac…scene

with a needle and a weave a new reigning religious regime
that requires your arms
the man…dated ism