Little Cow Wow

The little cow looking ahead

not looking down on his hooves
behooved why was it the herd were stopped in their tracks
was it a matter of facts
stayed by the flat white picket apparition partition
grooves repeatedly seen as a checkpoint for

He could see at his feet the stripes painted white
under stars and stripes glistening
for the listening herd there was no passing at night
for little cow wow there were plenty of thoughts on his brow

He knew of barbed wire the cutting thorns and the horns dripping red
and the man-a-can scam that sat atop the post…
mark scent
the image and likeness the raised hand of the man
signaling a home home on a range classified to hide
a slaughterhouse design

Little cow wow knew image and likeness
and the posted scarecrow was for the birds and cowherds
keepers of the gate
and the fate of the lassoed into vaccine chutes the corralling the herding
and the manhandling branding the mark of the man
the beast and the feast
for the parting party of their parts

The mustachioed man with the raised hand
blames the wolves and sheeples the people
in a concentration ranch range that cattle are chattel
and the red river flows for their steaks in the stocks
that further their greening through defense scheming
that must be unseen

Little cow wow with a mind field uncovered
looks to the Big Bull to ask why we never pass through
the gap in the posts we can see through
the Big Horns of our herd are the yesteryears unheard
and Big Bull is the semen of an ancestral clone
a seer staged … coach of old
teller of dangers and fences the defense
in the name of the herder

Little cow wow saw cattle in chattel trucks
roll through
cattle passed through but never back to
so attuned little cow wow has a breakthrough
he knew the trucks always returned intact for another take through
so cattle intact cows pass through it was a de…fence less
to a never return

This passage
renewed his concern discerning through his learning
that the Big Bull was the windmill of the man with the raised hand
spinning a tale gate to his yearning to pass through
so on a night he bristled bright following his guiding light
under stars the stripes painted faded
now a shadow on a cast he now broke
to attest to an out coming truth

Little cow wow
the moon