Survival of the

The evolution of the vac…scene

and the crowning of the fiefdom of Covid
delivers onto us Monkey Pox
through the channeling flu…idity and down streaming
of the CDC

We see the con…flu…essence of Darwinian social engineering
man as monkey strokes the do as you’re told
servicing survival of the fit…in
another envenomation from an American laboratory story
needing covering
and the coercion of the jab

There’s no shedding
just ask the legions of Wall Street and Big Pharma
who are shearing the sheep with a bio-weaponizing
the creeping injections have a needle for every

the disease see no evil
hear only what the PHD’s in collusion with confusion
and say in a mandated dis…service
yes sir to this grim reaper bow down

has a shot and sheepish line
for every ape man women children
in a test…tament to scientism absolutism
the designed intell…
chips in a gaming service to a streamlining Darlosian
reductionist you - as an A.I. aligned woken token

there are no sheep to encircle