In a Galaxy…..

A broken nation bent at its flow

drips towards collapse
at the precipice that drops U.S.
into such a ludicrous stage where our penned principles
are written off for a false flag
operation Ukraine

A bow down to NATO and an U.S. unjust
bidding a Biden fabrication a manipulation
calling out the stars and stripes
trumpeting an imprisonment for a mining of our minds
carrying out a Cold War consequence
tunneling a channeling tuned to the few
a medical military industrial psychological complex

A see eye eh just say yay
from the Trail of Tears to tearing the fabric from the flag
waves over Native lands to Vietnam Afghanistan
this moving scene now moves toward World War Three

Last time seen off our shores Bay of Pigs
oh Tripoli we lip-sync to recorded bugle calls
Ukraine a change of names but another’s border war
recalling scenery how can we not see
Cuba Ukraine to turn your head to say U.S.A. ok
is an Armageddon doomsday night…
timed story told today

So embedded we’re led to the hardest war to explain Ukraine
is being staged
cold cold cover course globally sourced for resources
pipelines and Peter Pipers
censorship con…scripts and war script relation

see eye to eye C.I.A. contractors contact to
an El Chapo leading to capture caption enter Sean Penn…membership
in a landing of Hollywood stars and stripes
in servitude to aligning attitudes
for a hegemony of monied monopolies
transfer of wealth from peopled principles
to the coffers of corporate conglomerates principals

Leading men
Oscar winner Penn white T…ing a buffed up suffering smoke screening
for an arms dealing missile industry with missives for profiteers
and puppeteer Zelenskyy
actors featuring Ben Stiller praising an arrangement
for raising a red white and blue waving
a high seize of reasoning a Gulf of Tonkin like deceiving gap
for further attack

This passing Oscar shot filmed frame by frame
to paint a picture colored with stars
in a uni…versing chorus sing sing…ing in propagandized lines
worn out over years of abuse
confirms the end

begins when we see through our own lens
in a galaxy assembling stars in stripes
that mine the divine
minds living life in peace and love