Luddites Knights Against Dark Weavings

The Industrial Revolution brought to their knees
the working weavers rebelling against machines
in the rising English Kingdom of thieves
their cottage industry was home home on the loom
so they rose as the few to the boom of large frame

They knew this beginning would end the common man’s “Commons”
and the common man’s dreams
aware they the nightmare of men as factory framed common commodities
that stole their souls so they arose they chose
the road that lead them to smashing
the deceiving big weaving machine

This scene
lead to “King Ludd’s” theme the Luddites rebelled to this new form
for conformity
forming an army a we that smashed the new hatching machines
which lead their own country’s troops to their own English midlands
to crush this resistance the un-United Kingdom of George the third
threw more men against the Luddites then the might of Napoleon
in the Battle of Waterloo

Zoom into view the second coming of a renewed
seizure of working wo-men into a tic…talking clock
robotics churning a removal of you from your work
the A. I. drive to divide us from our divine
to compromise our side by side into a global
demon-i-zed demise

We disarm ourselves while we arm the Azov’s of the world
the domestication of we is our Foreign Policy come home to roost
the Centralized Intelligized Agency with artificialized intelligized
robotic dogs that terrorize the bark of the Tree of Liberty
dark guns on their backs attack to enforce this course
to silence our source

This weaving isn’t of Betsy Ross but the cloth of the dross
of a woven silver lie…ing
creating a wave the flag in the name of surrender
to render a Capital Corporate U.S.
and the we as a we wee on our knees taking a jab in our arms
saluting the stump of Liberty’s Tree

The Spirit of ’76 isn’t the sound of Trump-ets or minions to Bid-en’s of power
but the Tromboning backbone to stand as amens
in allegiance as allies to such as the Luddites to light
a revolution to the evolution
of greed censorship and control
the global creed of Transhumanism
robbing the earth’s beings
of their love

beings free