And Then They Came For… Your Daughter’s Goat

Cedar her goat was part of her

re…membering what part of U.S. was created fair
reminds us her fair goat may not be the
G.reatest O.f A.ll T.ime
but it was her

American exceptionalism as you’re seeing is for
no exception given to this little girl’s feats
raising little goat feet

She seeking a little retreat from a 4H agreement
for these goat feet to be auctioned for meat
was met by police with a warrant to breach
with breaching equipment if need be for breaking a minor’s contract
contacts the deceit to teach the breadth of power
to take a breath

A Mt. Shasta peek
into the chilling effect the egregious neglect
of our nation’s great
our Constitutional coat that covers us in our homes schools and courts
shivers and bleats as Bills 4 and 14 receive this dis…course
in extreme

A little girl her goat and the kids of the new little wee
in a death dealing scene
see the processing means rendering
a picture of u.s. in pieces and parts
Cedar and the Tree of Liberty
chopped down on Fairgrounds feats to teach the reach
when power peaks