Democide by Technocracy

“Give me liberty or give me death”

and sow and sow and so we see
the loss of enlightened democracy
from sea to shining see a dimming we
succumbs in a democide by technocracy

is not awakening it’s C. S. Lewis’s N.I.C E.
if it “smarts” it’s the exhaust of the oligarchs
in the name of Covid or Ukraine it reigns
in guillotines the cutting art of choking choice
for handlers in our name
from your fingertips to fingerprints to your irises
you find your hands tied to modern day
invasions and imperial lists into globalist

Handlers now hand you a script this conscript
enacted and enabled
not through your own hands hands of the working man
ranch hands handyman’s but the

Schwab’s “Global Leaders for Tomorrow” and his “Global Shapers Community”
shapeshifting you into
a form to be filled in
by Schwab’s of wo-men through digital ID’s Green Passports
swabs up your nose graphemes scenes for 5G
Social Contracts
A.I. will find you and fine you must agree
the Musk in the air is a fragrance to

for the new stat…us quo
is ultimate control eminent domain to overthrow
your hand in a land of the free
in a movement from wild to mild from a for-us to a crop-us
from a classroom to a “Common Purpose” nudge unit
with a “Themis” for offensive remarks
measured and ruled by the few

wranglers where the buffalo once roamed
now home to herders corralling us in
inflation of a bygone nation that now invades us
and brands us