Blast…phemy of the Billion…aires


Text us in a Twitter filed in a brief

take flight while their debris
grounds us in a Texas crime grime

Space X us in their plumes smoke screens
befall us as the new kings and queens are crowned
with tax breaks
and lab leaks Gates to Ukraine us in
while they buy our farmlands
and feed us the crap of Corporate Capitalism

This blasphemy has no god it trusts its gods are
greed no creed no prophets just profits
bottom line figures icons to con us
magnates to a scientism that has a five cent sense memory
with no remembering the good consciousness that created we

The only star on this “Starship” is the falling stars and stripes
that now drape the billionaire class in indemnity
that strips us into a barely making it hold
corralled in chorus of…heirs singing U.S.A…Aid us
a private pirates party reign
dusting us in ash clouding out the son of equal one to a 1%
concentration of wealth and the wrath of that aftermath

Math of the power few
a private rocket science and you’re beneath
its debris its decree falls from the sky
why their shooting stars are a pirate tiered class

Calculuses math of the power few
let’s go to Mars the Moon while we leave you
dust to dust not the eternal flight of higher insight
they have the podium and own the platforms
they explode our poor communities to explore
by exploitation
in a system turned upside down
from we to peon

Tax breaks lab leaks from Musk to Gates
to empty plates
they fill their bull horns they’re loud loud loud
because they own the mega…phones
and call them “smart”
from “Where art thou?” these megalo..maniacs

This Musk of Southern Texas drizzle
isn’t a sea to shining sea it’s the beach front
attack on us the Imperial invasion has landed
Earth first then the Moon Mars no “Starships” barred
they’re leaving us in God we may trust
but their thrust is a lift-off
the docket of due process a passing funeral procession
for those whose possessions were homes
in Boca Chica, Texas

called “Starbase” a home run for a rocket booster club
taller than the “Statue of Liberty” now clubbed
can you hear us now blasting liberty to death
Boca Chica and the beauty of free
this enterprise is no space savior it’s a dark invader
shades of we dead birds and debris

pulverized concrete seen all the way to Port Isabel
ports of call ring a bell it’s not liberty
it’s an invasive species in a Space X suit
tied to the tides the 1% side that takes over our seaside
this trench warfare didn’t even build a trench for its launch
for its henchmen work in D.C.

This “Box of grenades” with “33” engines
levels loudly exploding on us engineered with
search engines that have found compromised Congress men and women
Presidents and Power brokers
that do not see the residents of Boca Chica Beach

We were once citizens now by the sound of
we’re back to the future