Stop the Laptalk

Kids Kids Kids
it’s time for P.E.
an acronym to an activity physical education is a whistle blown
on a track for a stationary fact
there’s no need for P.E. let alone
the Apples on their desktops
stop the laptalk

We stay inside
I had a kiddie car not a trike batteries we
the scooter I grew up on had a throttle that’s our model

As for P.E. the games that we play
have a home feel advantage
I dress in my room and my name is encrypted
my squad is a team I choose and it chooses me
my phone knows the facts
it spells and writes “Hey essay” write in my name
P.E.Ace is my handle and I’m in my chair…

P.E. is dis…ease is my likes on a screen
the sun blurs my tweeting and blocks
my readouts
I’m running out of clock watching my shooter
his duty stops hearts
more than vaccines and beats to my thumbs
with my feet on the floor

Kids men and women the jobs are running out
out of the country the Empire is falling
gladiators today aren’t rebels to its reign
just a show in an octagon too far

We’re losing our bodies in a here go our minds
we turned over our hands and deleted our feet
now comes your mine in a meme for defeat
your mind in a maze amazed
your an Avatar Star in a meta verse curse

Dark knights
in malilluminated light strike out the stars at night
sitting inside in a mind designed
lit from behind
a shadowing cast raising masses
controlled as foretold

p.e.ace should be a free playday
and freedom
a no stopwatch ticking time bomb data driven end
the play isn’t over
knowing the tickets to the sellout are not sold out

Catch the river that streams get out of your seat
into the air our breathing is reeling they’re stealing our parts
especially our hearts
we’re quitting our bodies our jobs being robbed
the dis…ease is the ease
the slippery slope dope the addiction affliction
to the fiction of a technocracy fix
the A.I. decide deceives and we
decay in body and mind