The New Few-Dull-ism

Project for a New American Century

needed a Pearl Harbor creating a felling
of Twin Towers not even knowing who…
WHO needed a false flag virus … crowning
a corona to justify a jab
a knockoff fake vaccine for a knockout
heart throb for Pfizer

No wiser
we created dominoes for Vietnam
we create Mujahideen for the Soviets
we…e…uk created Israel for an outpost
Israel creates a Hamas for a divide and for US a conquer

Proxy pills run red white and blue
war pharma depression
wholly unholy holds on perception
membership watches over all of we thee while the US
decrees through elites

Immunization message in a needle
journalistic lipstick hey…stacks false leaders…ship
bait and switch pigs are bacon and when your heart stops
genetically altered pigs
on the altar of genetics the altering of Big Medicine
implants and the plantation of modification for plants animals and

The we are being infiltrated with
foreign tissues foreign issues mandates
combine…nations the lockdowns of globalization
the harvesting of land the machination the machining of man
1.0 to 2.0 no men no women
no tis of we

replications projects for a New World Order
these Pearl Harbors are strung in a unison
sung in hierarchy clasped and staffed by a few-dull-ism of a them

When humans are the gems
spirit clothed not in garments woven in the weave of deceive
a see shining rise as we