From a Musket to Must Get

The extraterrestrials have landed and we invade

for iridium titanium
for the shining sea now sees their landing
a port of call for our security oh Tripoli
just say Haiti Afghanistan or any land um um lithium
summons the documented aliens of U.S. Army Marines overseas
cross borders on orders it’s a job but to rob
the well war worn course for
extraterrestrial rare earth gems

Those them
the menu of old gold silver and lying for oil
now gushes towards a New World Order for extractables
just hope a past asteroid didn’t land on your land
or our Homeland to feel safe has no fail safe

The shot heard round the world
that musket has become must get
“Moderna’s Shot of the Day”
given to the U.S. Open Tennis Champion
a Djokovic not shot but his country was bombed by NATO
this Serbian saw and we see
an opening jab could be a knockout
for a World Order Herd

The time for Titanism returns
to overthrow the new U…ran…us the WHO
that injects us
in an alienism not of extraterrestrials
but a vac…sin to our idealism
to our Spirit of ’76 the essential element

that rare earth truth
we’re enthused with a Titanism
the spirit to refuse to revolt to stand alone energized
to empower ourselves not the powerfew shot through
our arms for a disarming harm
while their arms invade they are the alien race
we are revolutionary Titans

for and from heaven and earth