And Your Son ...

And your son ...
is gay
can he be an
the A B C’s of AC to DC to CNN
degrees and we’re coming full circle

with a triangle and an eye the invisible below become visible
indivisible with certain rights
life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

And your son
is gay happy to say
he’s not an anchor but an anchor ... man or woman
free to be seen
on the street on TV fire police teacher
preacher title this wave we’re all god’s particle

If you have a, if it offends you
you’re seeing sex not the sex of the person
that’s sexual harassment and it has to end

Cooper is the latest to say
I’m gay and happy
and your son
and your daughter can be happy and say ...

Anchor’s away
“I am” “I do”
I can do anything you can do
can come true